Sometimes, the smartest move is..

Going Back to Basics

How did SMARTLIGHT begin?

Imagine the following picture: three entrepreneurs, each full of energy and a love of innovation, get together for a brain storming session to find the answer to the ultimate question: what's left to invent that hasn't been invented yet? 

And, just as in any heated discussion, the smartphone is an active "player", always kept close by every participant.  Then, suddenly…BINGO! The conclusion is clear to all – you don't have to look far to invent the next, big thing, the application that will excite and electrify the world… Instead of using the smartphone's "brain" and creating yet another application using sophisticated technology – why not use the device itself for the most basic of uses?

This was the beginning of SMARTLIGHT, an invention whose sophistication lays in its simplicity; in its ability to provide an immediate solution to the basic, daily need of all cigarette lovers – an excellent, elegant cigarette lighter that is always around.

Three facts guided us through the development process: all of us LOVE our smartphones; we all look after them carefully, and – we all give them their own "identity" through the use of applications that suit our needs.

So, accordingly, what does the SMARTLIGHT add to the quality of life?  It not only protects your phone, but adds prestige and beauty. It also makes your smartphone the right solution at the right time – the solution you've been waiting for!

We spared no efforts when developing the SMARTLIGHT, choosing the very best professionals in order to create the optimum combination of functionality, comfort and aesthetics.  The result is a top quality and fashionable protective case, suitable for all smartphone models - the first in a series of future developments that we are currently working on. 

SMARTLIGHT is a patented device being marketed across the world.  Because after all, whether you're in Japan or the United States – wouldn't you just love a cigarette?